On the Cultural Concept of Green Packaging Design (II)

A one-sided understanding of the "people-oriented" concept has often evolved to meet the short-term needs of the minority and to sacrifice the long-term development of all humanity. In fact, this concept of “living” with the realization of the interests of a small number of individuals (including certain businesses and consumers) has deliberately erased the boundaries between humans and the human population, long-term and current.

In contemporary China, how should we reinterpret and define the "people-oriented" cultural concept? We know that in the Spring and Autumn Period, Lao Tzu once put forward the idea of ​​“Heaven and Man together”, although his intention is to hope that people will be ashamed and innocent and be able to integrate into heaven and earth as much as the primitive society in the early days, but the negative aspects of their thoughts will be removed. Apart from the ingredients, this concept of harmony with nature is still a great reference for us today; it is only that we have put our eyes on more long-term perspectives and put our mentality more aggressive and will The "original" of this principle is placed on the sustainable development of human society. Then, in the face of the crisis caused by many alienations, how can we set things in order to seek the sustainable development of human society? I believe that to achieve sustainable development, we must always rely on scientific and technological advancement and always uphold the banner of "green, humanities, and science and technology."

II: "Green Packaging Design"

The multiple connotations of green packaging design are attributed to the concept of “green design” on the concept of packaging design culture, covering many aspects: the protection of the ecology, the awareness of environmental protection, the consciousness of human health and safety, the design concept of sustainable development, and the nature Comfortable and simple design concept. Starting from environmental protection, it aims to create an ecological environment that is pollution-free, beneficial to human health, and conducive to human survival and reproduction. Therefore, green design is not only a technical consideration, but more importantly, it is an ideological change. It requires designers to give up the excessive emphasis on product appearance design innovation and focus on the real sense Innovation above, in a more responsible attitude and method to create a product form, with a more simple, lasting shape to make the product extend its life as much as possible, while conveying the green, humanistic spirit of the idea, so in the material and spiritual Two levels make their own contribution to the development of society.

On the one hand: Green packaging design can boldly alleviate the dual pressure of resource crisis and pollution prevention and control. For example, the standards of department store packaging formulated by the Japan Department Stores Association Committee: packaging raw materials or devices must not endanger human health, and should minimize the use of packaging materials that are difficult to degrade after being discarded; try to reduce the packaging volume; the free volume inside the container should not exceed the product Two percent of the volume. The committee also insisted on adopting the simplest packaging method and even required zero packaging efforts. From the above points of environmental protection, we can see that the focus of green packaging design should be on the beneficial to human health, prevention and control of pollution, and the close relationship between the reuse of resources, and its end result is still on the sustainable development of human society. on.

On the other hand, the impact of green packaging design is reflected in the ideas it contains, and on the impact of people's concepts, the concept of green constantly conveys the concept of “caring for the environment and caring for health” and leads people to abandon the life that is harmful to their physical and mental health. Ways to explore more meaningful living spaces for individuals and groups of life. As a result, the concept of green design resonates with humanism and humanistic spirit in the survival and the difficulty of life.

We often say that the packaging design culture of each ethnic group forms a design culture system, and each packaging design culture of a certain era also forms its own cultural system. Different packaging design culture systems contain some common cultures. The factors also include a number of different cultural factors. The former represents the universality of the packaging design culture and the latter represents the particularity of the packaging design. Every ethnic packaging design culture has its own human part. The human nature of packaging design lies in the nationality, while the eternality lies in the times. In this case, the dialectical unity of the packaging design culture. Well, when we put the concept of green design into consideration in this dialectical unity of cultural outlook, we find that its implication is to a large extent tend to be common, and of course, in a sense, to express this commonality It is the personality of the current design concept, namely the humanity in the nationality, the eternality in the era, and the universality in the particularity. As a result, it also gives us more confidence in confirming the correctness of the green design concept. Because, in a sense, green, humanities, and science and technology are inherently unified. Green not only means environmental protection, but also includes the pursuit of natural tranquility away from embarrassment and filth. The humanities are not only humanitarian in the traditional sense. It includes not only human love, grief, etc., but also life and life. With love and respect, the humanities have become an intrinsic pursuit of culture and civilization, expressing a hope for peace in the world and harmony of all things, thereby demonstrating that mankind’s clear understanding of foreign objects and self-responsiveness and calm response; as far as technology, As the first productive force to promote social development, it plays an irreplaceable and important role in contemporary life. It constantly transforms the world and humanity at an amazing speed. However, science and technology is a double-edged sword. While benefiting mankind, it constantly breaks through rational norms and pushes mankind to the edge of sin and destruction. As a result, technology has not only become an important driving force for social progress, but has also become a topic of concern and expression in art design.

In today's world, "green packaging" has gradually become an international trend, reflecting China's national conditions, (China's average per capita possession of resources is low, while the people's awareness of environmental protection is not strong, the technical level is relatively weak, the task of environmental protection is a long way to go). We must also have the responsibility to put the issue of "green packaging" first. From the perspective of recycling of packaging materials, ease of handling, and reduction of pollution, we started researching and developing new types of "green packaging materials." Legislation to strengthen environmental protection. As a big exporter and having joined the WTO situation, we should also emphasize the greenization of export goods packaging to meet the needs of international green trade.

From the perspective of our own health and national interests, or in terms of the sustainable development of human society and the prosperity of the world, we should pay close attention and pay enough attention to green packaging design. For green packaging design, hope that the above discussion can help its healthy development.

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