Talk about pre-coating film coating technology

Although precoating film coating technology as an environmental protection technology has been widely applied in foreign countries, especially in developed countries, its development in China has been relatively slow, and even many people believe that the film coating technology Will be replaced by glazing technology." However, at Drupa 2004, a total of 23 pre-painted film manufacturers and laminating film equipment manufacturers from Europe, the Americas, and Asia exhibited at the show. Eye-opening, but also allows us to have a new understanding of the coating technology, but also make us more confident about the development prospects of pre-film coating technology.

In order to allow everyone to correctly understand and look at the pre-coating film coating technology and promote the application and development of the pre-coating film coating technology in the country, the reporter interviewed the professional manufacturer of the domestic pre-coating film, Beijing Kangde Group Co., Ltd. Mr. Gao Wenhua, deputy manager of the Production Technology Center of Dexin Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. asked him to talk about the status quo and development prospects of the pre-coating film coating technology in conjunction with the situation of the Kangde new company.

Compared with the coating film coating process, what are the outstanding advantages of the precoating film coating process?
First, because the pre-coating film does not produce any harmful substances in the film coating process, the pre-coating film coating process is more environmentally friendly.
Second, the laminating film lamination process is simple, and it is not necessary to adjust the glue liquid like the laminating film lamination process before production, and it is not necessary to control the amount of glue in the production process and it is not necessary to dry the adhesive. Only need to control the temperature, pressure and speed, the shutdown process is relatively simple, no need to clean the glueing mechanism.
Thirdly, bubbles, wrinkles, and stripping will not occur during production. Therefore, the quality of the film products will be higher.
Fourth, the scope of adaptation of the film-covering equipment is wide, and it is possible to use a precoat film coating equipment or a film coating equipment, and it is also possible to use a plastic sealing equipment.
Fifth, since no flammable substances such as organic solvents exist in the process of laminating the precoating film, it is possible to effectively prevent the occurrence of fire accidents in production, and the safety factor is higher.
Sixth, production efficiency is high.
Why is the coating film coating method still widely used in China at present?
Although the overall performance of the laminating film laminating method is better than that of the laminating film laminating method, judging from the current status of the domestic laminating film industry, most domestic enterprises still use the lamination film lamination process. The main reasons can be summarized as the following aspects.

First, the precoating film coating technology started relatively late in the country.
Second, the production of pre-coating film has high technical content, complicated process, large equipment investment, and the general enterprises are not capable of investing in pre-coated film production lines.
Third, due to the surplus of labor resources in our country and the low labor cost, the proportion of material costs in the overall cost of the coating process is quite large. The cost of the pre-coated film is higher than that of the coated film, which will inevitably affect its application.
Fourthly, the equipments produced by domestic film-covering equipment manufacturers are mostly film coating equipment.
Fifth, although the Chinese government emphasizes the environmental protection of the industry, the laws and regulations specifically targeting the film coating industry still need to be improved.
With the development of glazing technology, some people think that glazing technology will replace the lamination technology. What do you think about this?

The glazing process can improve the glossiness of the print surface. At the same time, the printed waste that has been glazing can be recycled, reused, or self-decomposed and does not pollute the environment. Therefore, the glazing process is favored by people in the industry. In particular, after the emergence of the UV coating process, some people began to think that the UV coating process will replace the coating process. In fact, this only saw the decorative effect of the coating process on the printed matter, and neglected the other functions of the coating. On the one hand, in terms of strength, the UV coating process hardly contributes to enhancing the strength of the printed matter, and the lamination process can increase the strength of the printed product by several times. On the other hand, with the advancement of technology, further processing after lamination, such as hot stamping and scrubbing, will further complicate the post-processing of printed matter. In today's era, intellectual property protection is emphasized, and businesses emphasize the anti-counterfeiting of products. Coating is more advantageous than UV coating.

In addition, from the point of view of the international market, the demand for films in various countries in the world has not been reduced due to the appearance of UV coating. In those countries that have not implemented the lamination technology or the lamination technology, the lamination process is also emerging. Therefore, we have every reason to believe that as one of the postpress processing technologies, the film-covering process will still have a strong vitality in the coming decades.

As the first professional manufacturer of pre-coated films in China, why did your company target this market in the first place?
As early as 1998, Mr. Zhong Yu, the president of Kangde Group, learned about the pre-coating product in his dealings with foreign companies. At that time, developed countries in Europe and the United States were enacting and implementing strict laws and regulations to limit the emission of harmful organic compounds to the environment. The main features of the precoat film coating method are environmental protection, convenience, energy saving, and high efficiency. Therefore, the precoat film coating The method was favored and developed rapidly.

President Zhong Yu discovered the unlimited business opportunities in the pre-coating film: China's economy is undergoing rapid development, and environmental protection is bound to keep pace with economic development. In addition, there are many domestic printing companies, and the film-covering industry is emerging. However, the coating-film coating method with poor environmental protection and high risk is still widely used. Needless to say, the pre-coating film will become one of the development trends in the domestic film industry, and will gradually replace most of the market share occupied by the film coating.

With keen market sense and smart business acumen, President Zhong Yu believes that the product will have a wide market and development space in the country. Therefore, after in-depth analysis and research, he is determined to do a good job of pre-film projects.

What difficulties did you encounter when you first developed the precoat technology? How is it overcome?

In the development of the precoating film project, the biggest difficulty that the Kant Group encountered at the beginning was that it knew nothing about the production knowledge of the precoating film. In the absence of funds, technology, and talent, the Kant Group began to work hard.

In order to learn the technology of pre-film coating, President Zhong Yu led technicians to visit companies, individuals, and groups in the United States, Europe, and Japan. Everyone who can learn the knowledge of laminating film will visit it and experience countless winds. Storms and hardships. After three years of technical research and market development, in the fall of 2002, Kangdexin Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in October 2002 to introduce advanced pre-coated film production technology and equipment, and built the first dedicated coating film production line in China. , Become a pioneer in the domestic pre-coating industry.

What outstanding achievements has your company made in the field of pre-coated films?

In order to allow more users to use the pre-coating film of this healthy and environmentally friendly product, Kangde new company starting from the existing coating equipment, taking into account that most of the film companies are using the film coating equipment, through The in-depth study of the coating application technology not only solves the problem of using the coating film coating equipment to complete the pre-coating film coating process, but also applies the pre-coating film product to plastic packaging equipment and advertising film coating equipment. At the same time, the product form has also been continuously improved. The finished product coil products with different paper core specifications and different lengths satisfy the requirements for pre-coating films in all walks of life to the utmost and fully expand the application fields of the pre-coating films.
After more than two years of production practice and market development, Kangdelier's brand precoating film produced by Kangde New Company has occupied the majority share of the domestic market and entered the international market. At this Drupa exhibition, Kangdang New Company took its flagship product, Kangdefeier, to participate in the exhibition. It has attracted wide attention from the audience and formed a broader international cooperation.

At present, the company is brewing more ambitious plans. First, continuously expand production capacity. In October 2004, a larger production line will be put into production in the newly built Phase II plant. Secondly, the company attaches great importance to the research and development of high-end products. In order to catch up with the advanced level in the world, R&D Center has been set up specifically to develop new products and study the application technology of the products. Third, the backbone of the company's technology, production, operation, and management will be sent to Tsinghua University for further study and training of high-level management talents adapted to modern management.

What is your opinion on the development prospects of precoat film coating technology in China?

Although the proportion of precoating film coating in China is still not large enough, with the advancement of science and technology and the development of society, human beings will become more aware of the protection of the environment and their own health. When people pay more and more attention to the improvement of the living environment and the improvement of the quality of life, when the state issues strict laws and regulations to protect personal health and prevent environmental pollution, the pre-coating film coating technology will usher in a better tomorrow.
In fact, the developed countries have also gone through a process of transition from coating film coating to pre-coating film coating technology, which is only a matter of time. For example, in the United States, it took only 5 years for the precoating film lamination process to reach a 95% share in the laminating industry. In less than eight years, developed countries in Europe have also achieved a 65% share of the precoating film lamination process, and this figure is still increasing. It is believed that in less than 10 years, the prevalence of pre-film coating will be more than 50% or even higher in China.

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