Kodak Thermoflex Achieves Perfect Integration of Soft/Offset CTPs

Kodak will introduce a new Thermoflex narrow-web offset CTP device. Based on the Thermoflex CTP technology platform, this device can produce offset, flexo, embossing, and other types of plates and films for users on one device. Kodak will exhibit the device for the first time at Labelexpo Europe in Brussels.

Bob Dalton, product manager at Kodak's Graphic Group, said: "The relationship between flexographic and offset printing is getting closer." Narrow web printers are using offset presses or hybrid printers to expand their services, while commercial printers use flexographic printers to enter the multiple substrate printing market. The biggest advantage of this new device is that it can use the same CTP device to produce plates for various printing methods such as flexo, embossing, offset printing and screen printing. ”

The maximum size of the flexo plate produced by this device is 762mm × 762mm (30in × 30in), and the maximum size of the offset plate is 762mm × 744mm (30in × 29in). It is reported that Thermoflex is expected to enter commercial production in early 2006.

Source: HC Network

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