Aluminum and aluminum alloy sheets for packaging

(1) Aluminum plate

Aluminum is a light metal that is very stable in the atmosphere and has excellent processing properties. It is a widely used metal. Since 1930, aluminum has been used to make packaging containers. Due to the ease of processing, light weight, durability, and good protection performance of aluminum-made packaging containers, the scope of application of packaging products is very wide, and the amount is also large. At present, the countries that produce more aluminum in the world include the United States, Europe, and other countries. About 7 to 10% of the aluminum produced each year amounts to 600,000 tons for product packaging. The aluminum packaging containers are made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy plates.

The strength of aluminum alloy (mainly aluminum-magnesium, aluminum-manganese alloy) plates is higher than that of pure aluminum. Since aluminum is not resistant to acids, alkalis, and salts, aluminum plates must be used after coating. The aluminum plate production process is: cast aluminum → hot rolling → cold rolling → annealing → cold rolling → heat treatment → leveling → passivation treatment (formation of alumina film) → coating → aluminum sheet.

Aluminum plates are mainly used to make aluminum packaging containers such as cans, boxes, bottles and so on. In addition, aluminum sheet is a special material for easy-opening cans because of its good workability.

(2) Aluminium cupping

The aluminum plate is a new type of can making material, and its processing performance is excellent, but the welding is difficult. Therefore, the aluminum plate is made into two pieces of cans for one-time punching and drawing. At present, the speed of aluminum can production line can reach 120~150 years/min. The aluminum cans are light and beautiful, the outer walls are not rusted, and the can body is seamless and does not leak. It is made of a single metal and has good protection performance. It can be used in fish and meat cans without vulcanization. It can be used as a non-flavor change phenomenon in beer cans. One disadvantage of aluminum cans is their lower strength and easier sinking. However, as long as the transport packaging is improved, this problem can be better resolved.

Aluminum punching and cupping is now used in Europe and the United States, accounting for about 1/3 of the metal cans. It is mainly used for beer beverage cans that are sold in large quantities, and is generally made into easy-open cans. Some non-food packaging spray cans are also aluminum cans. There will be fierce competition between aluminum cans and traditional tin cans.

(3) Aluminum and aluminum tube packaging

About two-thirds of the extruded hoses are aluminum tubes, which are mainly used for the packaging of toothpaste, cosmetics, and ointments. Aluminum tubes for food packaging are a new and simple packaging method popular in Europe and Australia. Aluminum tubes are particularly suitable for filling semi-liquid or paste-like foods such as sauces, meat sauces, butter, honey, concentrated foods, and seasoning foods. Aluminum tube packaging not only has the advantages of light weight, excellent protective performance, good strength, not easily broken, easy to carry, but also easy to open, squeezable folding, easy to store food after eating, keep freshness longer than the bottle, cans As long as the equipment is installed, there is no need for freezing, and it is convenient to use. Therefore, it is popular with consumers and used for military food and aerospace food packaging.

The aluminum tube is generally made of 99% pure aluminum for extrusion crimping, the outer surface can be printed and decorated, and the inner wall is coated with organic resin coatings, such as epoxy resin, phenolic resin, vinyl resin, etc., which can further improve the corrosion resistance. Sex, but also to prevent the aluminum tube rupture in the role of distortion.

Aluminum tube production method is to punch a certain thickness of aluminum sheet with a precision blanking punch, blanking into a small round billet, after annealing, and then in the 100 ~ 350T extrusion press for extrusion, so that the round blank along A certain length and diameter extend outward into a tube, finally reaching a certain size. After molding, the aluminum tube must be heat-treated to eliminate the work hardening effect, so as to avoid cracking during extrusion and curling. Finally, paint and dry on the inner wall of the aluminum tube, and decorate and print on the surface of the tube.

Aluminum tubes are not the same size, diameter 15 ~ 50mm, length 40 ~ 200mm. Its length is determined by the thickness of the blank.

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