Japan Shiseido promotes environmentally friendly cosmetic packaging


P&G expects sales improvement in the next quarter to boost share prices by 4.3%

Recently, P&G executives said that sales of new products and other investments are expected to improve in the next quarter. This remark has helped P&G's share price soar by 4.3%.

As of September 9, P&G's share price fell by 13% during the year, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose by 8.8% over the same period. P&G said it still expects earnings per share for the first quarter to continue to operate at $0.95-1.00.

Procter & Gamble CEO Bob McDonald said P&G hopes to increase the number of P&G product users to 5 billion by the end of FY2015, which is about 4 billion this fiscal year. To achieve this goal, they are considering launching more lower-priced products, especially in developing countries like India.

Procter & Gamble also hopes that by the end of FY15, the global per capita spending on Procter & Gamble products will rise from the current $12 to $14. McDonald said that a US consumer spends about $110 a year on P&G products, about $3 in China, and about $0.60 in India.

Japan Shiseido promotes environmentally friendly cosmetic packaging

Shiseido Corporation of Japan plans to apply the environmental protection development of cosmetic packaging to the listed products. This environmentally friendly packaging is made of 50% polylactic acid plastic, in order to solve the shortcomings of polylactic acid plastics in heat resistance, impact resistance and moisture resistance. Shiseido has developed a multi-layered plastic material made of polylactic acid and polyethylene to obtain environmentally friendly packaging with good heat resistance, impact resistance and moisture resistance.

According to the company's calculations, this environmentally friendly packaging can reduce carbon emissions by 20%. Shiseido plans to launch such new environmentally friendly packaging in the Chinese market. In September 2008, five products in the Chinese market were packed in polylactic acid. Shiseido also plans to further change all its cosmetics packaging to polyethylene-based environmentally friendly packaging from sugar cane in 2011.

Avon "New Live Bus" National 12 City Cruise Officially Launched

The brand new Avon "Beautiful Bus", with its huge lineup of Avon's new living family, has recently launched a new round of national parade, which is a new interpretation of the different beauty of women of different ages, helping more women to create their own beautiful career.

In mid-August, Avon launched the “Makeup Bus” eight-city parade recruitment campaign, bringing beauty and career to every woman where she went. In the global economic downturn, Avon has taken the responsibility of “beauty to save the industry” in a unique way, providing new entrepreneurial ideas and entrepreneurial opportunities for women and society.

Carrying the successful experience and beauty of the “Makeup Bus”, the Avon “New Live Bus” national parade tour took place in Jinan, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan, Xi'an, Lanzhou, Xining, Nanjing, Hefei, Nanchang, Guangzhou, Dongguan and Shenzhen. In 12 cities, more women believe that women of any age have their own beauty; success is also diverse, and every woman can embrace success.

Johnson & Johnson launches skin care education website

Johnson & Johnson recently launched a skincare education website where consumers can get information about the natural ingredients in skin care products.

Sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, The Active Naturals Research Institute brings together consumers and scientists with expertise from Johnson & Johnson's skin experts and researchers. Expert advice includes expert knowledge in the skin care industry, exploring cutting-edge technology and innovations in the natural ingredients of skin care products. Wait. The content of the website will be reviewed by a committee of scientists and dermatologists. In addition, the company also sponsors $50,000 for an annual study in dermatology, focusing on the natural ingredients of skin care products, the role of natural substances in anti-aging ingredients, and skin repairs.

The website has set up a library, online laboratory and online club column. The library scientific review index set up on the website explains the discovered natural ingredients and their applications. The online laboratory will screen and test the natural ingredients in skin care products. The R&D process is explored and the online clubhouse provides a large amount of videos about dermatology.

Niuer enters the mainland market to exclusively sell a network brand

Recently, Taobao.com, the largest online retailer in Asia, has formed a strategic partnership with the famous beauty brand “Niuer”. "Niuer" is the first choice for Taobao's enterprise-level merchant direct sales platform - "Taobao Mall" as its first entry into the Chinese mainland market. It is understood that Taobao Mall will further help "Niu Er" to improve and promote its official online sales system.

It is understood that the strategic cooperation between Niuer and Taobao Mall is that Niuer opened an official flagship store in Taobao Mall, and exclusively sold through the Taobao Mall platform from September 1 and sold exclusively for China from September 7. Women's tailor-made skin care products - the cream of Beijing.

“Niuer” is one of the most famous beauty brands in the motherland. Although it has entered the Chinese mainland market through different offline channels, it is expected to expand its influence through traditional channels in the mainland cosmetics market. Easy.

Dior Dior 09 Fall Makeup Release Show

The internationally renowned brand Dior Dior Cosmetics brings different surprises to women around the world every year, and this year is still the case. From September 2nd, this well-known brand held a one-week new makeup show for new women in Harbin, Northland Ice City. Three Chinese models from the Harbin New Silk Road Model School and three Swiss models showcase Dior Dior's new autumn make-up - the Jazz name series.

Dior's autumn make-up, the mysterious purple is played to the fullest, showing the woman's mysterious, unpredictable but confident and independent personality charm. Exquisite and vivid smoky eye makeup is the focus of the overall makeup. The front and wide narrow eyebrows are the key to this season, making women more sophisticated and capable. The base makeup and summer make-up also emphasize healthy and translucent water-based makeup, pink and shiny blush and satin-smooth saturated lips. Whether it is intense red or purple, it is the trend of lip gloss this autumn and winter.

L'Oreal convene digital media bidding in China

L'Oreal, a French cosmetics brand, has held a digital media bidding event in China. According to sources, at least four media organizations have made candidate briefings for the company in Shanghai, including media, strength communication and two local institutions. The source added that the timetable for the review has not yet been announced.

The TV purchase bid is a biennial mandatory review of L'Oréal's institutional roster. Group Media and Power Communication currently share this account in China and they will bid for this business again. Global McCann is also considered to be involved in the review.

According to research firm TNS, the Chinese cosmetics market is the second largest market in Asia Pacific after Japan, which is estimated to have a 20% increase in 2009.

Hutchison, Unilever, etc. are exposed to the international board

Recently, companies including Hong Kong listed company Hutchison Whampoa and foreign listed company Unilever have already expressed their intention to list on the international board to the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Industry experts pointed out that under the shadow of the financial crisis, many companies want to land on the international board. It is very important to raise more funds for development.

On April 29 this year, the State Council issued the "Opinions on Promoting Shanghai to Accelerate the Development of Modern Service Industry and Advanced Manufacturing Industry Construction of International Financial Centers and International Shipping Centers." The implementation opinions of the Shanghai Municipal Government on the construction of an international financial center and an international shipping center also mentioned that Shanghai will actively support the construction of the international board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, launch suitable overseas enterprises on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in a timely manner, and promote the red chip enterprises in Shanghai Securities. The market issues A shares.

Elizabeth Arden’s performance is in line with expectations

Elizabeth Arden’s net sales for the full fiscal year 2009 were $1.07 billion, down 6.2% year-on-year, of which 3.2% was affected by exchange rate fluctuations. Net sales for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2009 were $212.6 million, down 10% year-on-year. Exchange rate fluctuations affected 4.2%.

Despite the decline in sales, the company's president and CEO E. Scott Beattie said: "Although 2009 is a challenging year, the performance of fiscal year 2009 is in line with our expectations, and the global restructuring activities have increased the company's total profit. With a year-on-year reduction of $90 million in inventory and a cash flow of $37 million, the company's brand innovation activities have also achieved global success, including the recent launch of the fragrances Pretty Elizabeth Arde and Viva la Juicy on the global market. which performed

Shiseido opens NARS counter at Manguo Airport

The second counter of the Shiseido NARS brand duty-free shop opened recently at the King Power Duty Free Shop at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand. In-store products cover almost all NARS products including make-up, skin care, make-up, travel beauty accessories and seasonal products.

Louis Desazars, CEO of NARS Cosmetics, said: “Suvarnabhumi Airport is one of the busiest airports in Asia. Every year, about 15 million tourists travel to and from the airport, where they can bring NARS cosmetics to the world.” Shiseido Ariel Gentzbourger, Director of International Directors and Tourism Retail, also said: “The opening of the store at Suvarnabhumi Airport is an important step in our multi-brand strategy in the region. Our goal is to strengthen the brand awareness of NARS that excels in the high-end market in Thailand. ”

Coty teamed up with Guess to develop a new fragrance line

Coty, the global perfume giant, recently signed a licensing agreement with Guess, a global lifestyle brand, to develop and market the new Guess fragrance line in January 2010.

Curtis Group CEO Bernd Beetz said: "Guess has always been at the forefront of fashion, and its bold breakthroughs and good reputation are in line with Curtis' passion and innovative ideas. Expanding the Guess brand will accelerate Curti's fragrance worldwide. "It's a success," said Paul Marciano, vice president and CEO of Guess. "We believe that Coty will bring Guess to the forefront of the global market and develop innovative, attractive luxury fragrances that reflect the company's image and tradition. Providing Guess with an ideal development platform, this cooperation is a strategic alliance."


Bawang International's half-year profit plummeted, earning only 100 million yuan back 28%

The newly listed shampoo producer, Bawang International, saw its profit in the first half of the year decrease by 28% to 100 million yuan (RMB, the same below), and its performance has been far from the growth of 50% in the past two years. The company pointed out that the financial tsunami caused the city to be unstable, dragging down the economic slowdown in the Mainland and declining consumer confidence. The company's distributors and retailers also adopted a more conservative inventory management method in the first half of the year, thus affecting the company's performance in the first half of the year.

In the Bawang listing document and the sponsor research report, no profit forecast reference was provided. In the first half of the year, the company's revenue decreased by 1.8% to 681 million yuan, and earnings per share was 0.05 yuan. During the period, due to the change in product mix, the gross profit margin increased by 5 percentage points year-on-year to 66.2%, but the net profit margin decreased by 5.4 percentage points to 14.7%. Chen Qiyuan, chairman of the company, said that the financial tsunami caused the company's sales to fall 10.4% in the first four months, but with the country's stimulus measures to take effect, the sales in May and June have rebounded, causing the first half of the year to fall only 1.8%.

According to reports, Bawang Company is developing Chinese herbal medicine cleaning products, beverages and toothpaste, which will be gradually introduced after the market matures. In addition, the first phase of the plant expansion plan will be completed in the middle of next year, and the second phase is expected to be completed in 2012. It is estimated that the future plant investment will be about 200 million yuan.

The second China Internet Fair successfully closed orders of 197 million yuan

On September 13, the second Internet trade fair jointly sponsored by Zhejiang Economic and Information Technology Commission, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, Hangzhou Municipal People's Government and Alibaba Group successfully closed in Hangzhou Leisure Expo Park. During the three-day online fair, nearly 200,000 people participated in the exhibition. The exhibition site was 26.5492 million yuan, and the order amount reached 197 million yuan.

According to Wei Zhe, CEO of Alibaba B2B Company, this year's Internet Fair has invested about 20 million yuan, nearly double the investment in the first Internet Fair, and the on-site turnover is higher than the 8.5 million yuan in the first Internet Fair. 180.94 million yuan, an increase of 2.12 times. Wei Zhe said: "Although our on-the-spot transaction volume is only so poor, it depends on long-term orders." The first online trade fair lasted more than 100 million yuan, and the order of the Hangzhou Internet Fair almost doubled. , up to 197 million yuan.

In addition, according to Alibaba, the next Internet Fair will be moved to Chengdu, where Alibaba will invest 30 million yuan, and all booths will be provided free of charge to online merchants.

Xinhuadu acquires 12.32% stake in Yunnan Baiyao

On September 10th, Yunnan Hongta Group Co., Ltd. transferred the ownership of Yunnan Baiyao owned by it to Chen Fashu, Chairman of Xinhuadu, and signed the “Share Transfer Agreement”.

It is reported that Chen Fashu will hold 65,813,912 shares of Yunnan Baiyao Co., Ltd., all of which are unrestricted shares, accounting for 12.32% of the total share capital of Yunnan Baiyao.

The agreement stipulates that Yunnan Hongta will transfer 65,813,912 shares of Yunnan Baiyao held by it to Chen Fashu at a price of RMB 33.543 per share. The total transfer price is RMB 2,207,596,050.22. Payment of share transfer price: Five working days from the effective date of the agreement, Chen Fashu paid the entire transfer of shares to Yunnan Hongta for a total of 2,207,596,050.22 yuan. Yunnan Hongta no longer holds shares in Yunnan Baiyao.

The shares held by the company shall not be transferred or entrusted to be held or managed by any means within 20 calendar months from the date of transfer of the above shares to the name of Chen Fashu. Chen Washu will continue to perform the promises made during the original Yunnan Hongta share reform, while complying with the relevant provisions on the transfer of tradable shares.

P&G intends to seek more than 20 cooperation with SMEs in China

Procter & Gamble recently promoted the "external innovation" strategy in China. At the “P&G Innovation Forum” held in Hangzhou, P&G launched more than 20 project needs for Chinese SMEs, covering new methods, products, technologies and materials in the fields of beauty salons, home care, and health care.

P&G has already implemented this strategy in Europe, America, Japan and India. In this strategy, all innovators, including SMEs, such as patent technology owners, service providers, government R&D institutions, and academia, can submit innovative solutions and patents to P&G's needs.

In fact, due to the low cost advantage and strong innovation, multinational companies have increasingly favored Chinese SMEs in recent years. “Procter & Gamble China’s business is growing very fast, so the demand for innovation is also growing at a high rate,” said Xiong Qingyun, general manager of brand operations at P&G Greater China. In addition, the data shows that 99.86% of patents in China have not been converted into products.

Shantou Port Cosmetics Export Growth

From January to August this year, the number of export cosmetics that passed the inspection and passing of the port reached 207 batches, and the value of goods was 11.88 million US dollars, which was 25% and 60% higher than last year, showing a rapid growth trend. The exports to the UAE and India respectively reached US$6.006 million and US$1.895 million, an increase of 83.6% and 228% year-on-year.

In view of the fact that the export of cosmetics at Shantou Port has increased by 60%, the Shantou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has taken four powerful measures to support the expansion of exports of “Shantou” cosmetics by adhering to the concept of equal emphasis on customs and services:

First, take the initiative to help, scientific services. Before the production of raw materials for cosmetics enterprises, the raw materials will be tested in advance, and the hidden dangers will be eliminated at the source; the study and research of foreign technical regulations will be carried out in depth, and the enterprises will be actively assisted in dealing with foreign technical trade barriers, helping many cosmetics export enterprises in the jurisdiction to pass the EU. REACH pre-registration promotes the company's bigger and stronger exports.

The second is to take advantage of information technology and guide enterprises to expand foreign emerging markets. Timely interpret relevant countries' policies and regulations and inform international trade trends, and guide enterprises to actively expand emerging markets such as India and the Middle East, and achieved good results.

The third is to guide enterprises to use the preferential policies for the production of local certificates, and to enjoy the preferential tariff reductions for importing countries, so that enterprises can reduce costs and improve product competitiveness.

The fourth is to strictly supervise and manage, strengthen inspections, and prevent unqualified products from flowing out of the country, effectively maintaining the good image of “Shantou” cosmetics.


Ya Ge Golden Pure Sheep Placenta Skin Care Series

The “Ya Ge” brand has always been committed to “let us solve the problem of skin aging first”. The company's scientific research experts have continuously developed new anti-aging products, and launched two series of pure plant olive series and coenzyme Q10 series.

Time flies, technology is developing rapidly, and Yage research experts have spent nine years discovering that the expensive sheep placenta extract and pure Australian sheep oil are ingeniously integrated to effectively solve the modern population caused by the environment and life pressure. The problem of premature aging of the skin. It can activate skin cells in a short period of time, promote regeneration, strengthen skin cells, and reshape healthy and young skin. It fundamentally solves a series of skin problems caused by premature aging of the skin, such as: slack, dullness, lack of water, wrinkles; severe metabolism is slow, long spots, acne, oil and water are uneven; resistance is reduced, and fragility is formed Skin, etc.

In the year, "Ya Ge" signed a gold medal in the first of China's four small flowers - Yang Mi, as a new image endorsement, perfect creation of the new image of the Song of Songs - youthful whitening, I have an Song of Songs! The commercials it shoots will be broadcast on CCTV2, CCTV3, CCTV7, and during the prime time from September 14, 2009! ”

The victory of "2009 Anzexiu Charismatic Chinese Festival" was held

"2009 Anzexiu Charm China Charm Ceremony" was recently held in Guangzhou Huaying Junyue five-star hotel, and more than 500 outstanding dealers from all over the country participated. From the appearance of China's top ten makeup artist Li Rui's makeup show and the release of more than ten new products, to the debut of Asia's famous film star Weng Hong, the launch of the endorsement signing ceremony, and then to the exciting ordering site, finally At the end of the climax of the conference, the whole process was ups and downs and inspiring. The conference ended successfully and achieved fruitful results.

Mr. Xu Renxiang, the general manager of the company, emphasized in the conference: The next market strategy is to provide market guidance and services to dealers in an all-round way, lay a solid strategic foundation, and jointly create a professional and strong marketing team, which should be marketed and consumed. Required.

Such a young and passionate team, a firm and dedicated team, with the efforts of these people, let us wait and see for Anzexiu's more brilliant tomorrow!

Olay oil enters men's skin care products

The world-renowned beauty and skin care brand OLAY held a grand 20th anniversary celebration at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Beijing. The evening event not only gathered the brand's seven actress spokespersons except Zhou Xun, but also mysteriously announced the brand's first male spokesperson. - Huang Xiaoming, the first mainland student who is known as "the first beauty in China."

Huang Xiaoming, who has a refined five-view and temperament, was voted "the first beauty in China". Many male skin care products have thrown olive branches to him. OLAY, which has been committed to women's skin care and beauty for 20 years, is the first time to launch a men's series brand. Therefore, it is quite a fancy spokesperson's influence and image and brand fit. After comprehensive consideration, the brand will eventually become the world's first brand. The male spokesperson will spend the "first beautiful man" Huang Xiaoming.

Langqijian joint venture company extends upstream

It is reported that Guangzhou Langqi will invest 21.96 million yuan to establish a joint venture with Guangdong Pengjin Industrial Co., Ltd. to produce and operate starch and oligosaccharide pulp. The company hopes to develop the modified starch and enhance the company's cost advantage with the development of the project.

According to the plan, the joint venture company is named Guangdong Qipeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 122 million yuan. Among them, Guangzhou Langqi made cash contribution with its own funds of 21.96 million yuan, accounting for 18% of the registered capital; Pengjin Company contributed The amount is 100 million yuan, including cash of 19.969 million yuan, and the estimated value of 800.71 million yuan of assets, mainly starch, fructose machinery and equipment and supporting facilities, accounting for 82% of the registered capital. The joint venture company produces 60,000 tons of starch and 60,000 tons of oligosaccharide pulp per year.

The daily chemical products that Guangzhou Langqi is currently engaged in are downstream products of non-renewable resources such as petroleum. Due to the skyrocketing price of upstream raw materials, the company's profit margin is severely compressed. The company plans to step by step

Passion for 20 years, the beauty industry inherits the future

In September, Guangzhou International Beauty Fair detonated the beautiful trend in Pazhou Complex. The booths of the six pavilions were sold out early. Buyers are eagerly awaiting that Guangzhou Meibo will be unstoppable. After 20 years of hard work, it will surely hit another peak. The prestigious international brands, the dazzling array of famous exhibits, the lively and dazzling live performances, the industry seminars organized by the group, and the heavyweight VIP buyers who are carefully planned by the organizers and sincerely invited from all over the country, form an exhibition. Highlights, a comprehensive display of the excellence of the beauty industry, and a blueprint for the future.

Following the popularity of the 30th exhibition, this year's fair attracted nearly 2,000 well-known companies from 18 countries and regions, covering the entire production chain of the beauty industry. The re-layout of the six exhibition areas, product classification is clear and detailed, so that visitors can better plan their trips and easily find their own target products.

With the rapid development of China's cosmetics market, the specialization of daily franchise has entered an era of unprecedented prosperity. As one of the key projects of Guangzhou International Beauty Expo, the daily washing and personal care products exhibition hall of this exhibition has sprung up, such as Lens International, Jialan Group, Tianjin Yumeijing, Beautiful Shop, Wenya, Celera and other famous daily chemical companies. Strong joining, it is worth looking forward to.



Estee Lauder evacuates the top ten cosmetics into the 7 walk 2

It is reported that Xiamen Estee Lauder closed on September 15 and told members by SMS that if you need to continue to purchase Estee Lauder products, please go to Fuzhou counter to buy. This time, Estee Lauder suddenly withdrew from the cabinet, causing many "fans" to be shocked. Previously, another brand-name cosmetics Clinique has also withdrawn from the Paris Spring Jiahe store on June 30 this year.

Why did Estée Lauder withdraw from Xiamen? The counter sales staff vaguely stated that it was because “the conditions for renewal were not discussed”, “the counter position was not good” and “the company’s overall strategy arrangement”.

The reporter found that although Xiamen is a second-tier city, in recent years, the world's top ten cosmetics brands have successively "fall in love" with Xiamen. At present, in addition to Chanel, Clarins, Biotherm did not enter Xiamen, the other seven brands Estee Lauder, Lancome, Elizabeth Arden, Christian Dior, Clinique, Guerlain, Shiseido, have entered the eyes of Xiamen fashion people. The reporter learned that Biotherm will soon be stationed in Xiamen.

It is understood that when the international top cosmetics are located in the second-tier cities, they are more demanding than the first-tier cities. It is necessary to confirm that the region is suitable for the positioning of its own brand and has a certain sales volume. Once opened, it will not be easily evacuated because it has a negative impact on the brand image. Therefore, Clinique and Estee Lauder have successively withdrawn from Xiamen, which is intriguing.


Yumeijing, Baique Ling and other domestic products are the new favorite of the tide

Chinese goods are not new. The shop that sells Chinese goods has also been opened from the Internet to the ground. Even the shopkeepers who opened the store have been dressed up by the media to become a newcomer. This time it’s time for the old card to debut. The old-fashioned department store selling Cantonese-style domestic products, even the clerk is the most loyal employee of the whole life, such an old shop hiding in the old city of Guangzhou, singing the main theme of "Yijiefang" until now. In fact, nostalgia is the last word. I couldn't sit still after 90. Several Guangzhous founded the Guangzhou local network after 90, and every time they found an old brand, all netizens rushed to tell each other.

The old "state-run" department stores of Li Hong Department Store in Zhongshan 6th Road in Guangzhou and Shengli Department Store in Donghua East Road have been turned over from the media as memories of the city from time to time.

Baique antelope, friendship skin care grease, seagull shampoo, tea seed shampoo, Polygonum shampoo, friendship brand cream... Victory department store is the main brand of skin care products. In addition to these, Lihong Department Store has many domestic products with local flavors in Guangdong.


Daily chemical shop Maybelline mascara was stolen and lost 10,000 yuan

Recently, Yang Dinghong, manager of Dongguan Beauty Life Cosmetics Chain Co., said that the company was stolen from Maybelline Mascara in a month, with a total value of 10,000 yuan.

In the past month, the Maybelline mascara display boxes of the beautiful people growing Anwarma store, Dongcheng Carrefour store, Nancheng Wal-Mart store and Shilong Jinshawan store were all missing. Yang Dinghong looked at the Wal-Mart videotape and found that they were stolen by partners. Judging from the screen display, the two men looked for a shopping guide, and the two men concealed the wind by the side, while the other two took the display box. Due to the requirements of the Maybelline display, the total loss was 10,000 yuan or more.

For Maybelline mascara was blundered, four times was stolen, Yang Dinghong is also very helpless, she speculated that mascara is the star product of Maybelline, thieves stealing products may be sold to the market. At the same time, she also reminded the majority of store owners to be careful.


The new regulations are coming soon, big brands are making big promotions.

From October 1st, the National Standards Committee will implement a new national standard for cosmetics, requiring cosmetics to be marked with all ingredients, and the names indicated should be arranged in descending order of the amount added. Imported cosmetics are no exception, and must be placed on the Chinese label attached. Marked.

In the counters of Fancl and DHC in Wuhan Square, it is different from the situation in which the new products in autumn were launched in September of last year. Only the summer goods are retained on the counters. A counter salesman told reporters that September is the time for cosmetics to change the season. Summer merchandise will be sold at a discount, and the new autumn will be listed immediately. However, this year's new products have not been listed yet.

In the small cosmetics store in Jianghan Road, almost all sellers said they did not know about this regulation. A shop owner said that his cosmetics are basically the latest. The shop owner believes that the use of goods is the most excellent, consumer recognition is enough, must be marked with all the ingredients, basically can not be done in the store.


More than half of the restaurants use inferior detergent

The relevant person in charge of the inspection branch of the Quality Supervision Bureau of Zhuhai City recently announced that the results of the spot check on the detergents used in nearly 30 restaurants and restaurants in Zhuhai showed that more than half of the restaurants and restaurants used non-dishwashing. Detergent, or detergent without a production license.

It is understood that the Zhuhai City Quality Supervision Bureau inspection branch used a month to conduct quality checks on the detergent used in the urban catering industry. It was found that many well-known restaurants and restaurants in the urban area were using uncertified, non-certified detergents and even non-tableware detergents. This type of detergent is only about one-tenth the cost of regular detergent. The price is only 15% to 20% of the original product.

According to quality inspection inspectors, inferior detergents are often made up of chemical ingredients such as lemon flavor, caustic soda, industrial salt and other chemical materials in plastic drums. The tools are very simple and the production process is simpler. "Dishwashing detergent", there is no sterilization measures and quality control measures at all.

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