Mahogany furniture "authentic" charming eyes

Walking between culture and elegance, mahogany furniture, the royal national color, can enter the ordinary people's home one day. This is a slap in the face, but the market products are mixed, making consumers feel confused. In order to highlight the authenticity of the products, some furniture manufacturers in the market have also made various actions: “Lifetime no reason to return”, “100% repurchase products”, etc. These actions are used as marketing strategies, services The way is more or less, it still attracts the attention of the industry.

Material is expensive

Ancient rhyme rosewood triggers enthusiasm

The mahogany furniture carries many humanities and emotional sustenances of the Chinese people, and it has gradually accumulated enviable use and investment value due to its scarce natural attributes. Among the three tribute varieties of rosewood, lobular rosewood and Laos red rosewood, the first two thresholds are high, mostly owned by mahogany players and collectors. Laoshan red rosewood has developed rapidly in the past decade, and the price has exceeded the collection value of the lobular rosewood several times.

Nie Jiangong, the chairman of Tianya Redwood, has a very good feeling for Hongmu. He said: "It takes about 500 years for Laoshan red rosewood to grow up, and the utilization rate of rosewood is only about 30%. Therefore, only in terms of materials, The degree of rarity can be seen. The increased efforts of the mahogany raw materials producers such as Vietnam and Laos to limit the logging of redwood also contributed to the rise in the price of redwood."

According to Lianhonghong furniture sales staff, the price of Lao rosewood in May this year has been adjusted to 309 yuan per kilogram, and the price of Laohong rosewood is adjusted to 619 yuan per kilogram, which is 40 yuan and 60 yuan higher than the price in April. The price increase of high-end mahogany is even more ridiculous. Vietnam's huanghuali has undergone a major adjustment in December last year, and its current increase has more than doubled.

High acceptance

Potential release requires more real material

During the visit, the reporter found that the consumer acceptance of the mahogany market was quite impressive. In the mahogany boutique home hall of a store, the people who came to buy it were in a constant stream. But at the same time, the mixed market is also confusing for consumers. Nie Jiangong said that in the common red rosewood raw materials on the market, they belong to the same Dalbergia, there are spine Dalbergia from Laos, A. sinensis from Burma, and Barry Dalbergia from Southeast Asia. There are also South America's dimple Dalbergia and so on. Their natural colors, patterns, pores (internal structure), and market prices vary widely.

Recently, another mahogany brand even launched a "lifetime no reason to return" service. It is understood that the project services include mahogany crafts and mahogany furniture. The two merchandise rules are not the same, but they can be returned without damage, pollution and secondary sales. The mahogany crafts can be sold at the date of return. There is no reason to refund for life. Furniture products can be refunded at the price of 92% of the price of the return of the day when the sales of the company's direct sales outlets across the country are not refundable, and the prices are refunded according to the price increase.

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