Customized furniture quality is good, but also choose the right style

First, large pieces of furniture:

Customized "non-standard" products also have "standards"

Customized range: bookcases, TV cabinets, desks, bedside tables, etc.

Different styles, various colors and reasonable prices, although there may be some environmental hazards, but the customization of large-sized panel furniture is still the most suitable for most consumers, and it is also the most easy to find on the market, and the price comparison is more clear. .

However, due to the substantial problems of bearing, safety and practicability, such large-sized panel furniture belonging to the "non-standard" range cannot be overly personalized because of certain "standards" and limitations. For example, if a cabinet of 18 cm thick is used as a cabinet, there must be another longitudinal support point every 50 cm; and a 25 cm thick panel has a longitudinal support point every 80 cm. This is done to ensure that the load-bearing capacity of the cabinet can be maintained within the standard range to avoid deformation in the future. However, the relatively tight longitudinal partition also affects the aesthetics of the cabinet.

Second, steel and wood combined furniture:

Smart and transparent can be repeatedly disassembled dozens of times

Customized range: bookcases, wardrobes, TV cabinets, etc.

The appearance of steel-wood furniture customization is slightly later than the plate type. The structure is stronger, the shape is stronger, the style is more modern, the visual effect is more transparent, and it can be repeatedly disassembled dozens of times is its most important five advantages. However, factors such as higher prices and the number of customizable brands have not received corresponding attention.

It is understood that the steel frame is the main structure, and the plates with different colors and patterns are used. In addition to saving space and creating visual transparency, the steel-wood combined furniture can also meet different needs of different periods and new homes. The actual situation of disassembly and reorganization is more suitable for small units.

Third, style furniture customization:

Try to choose a professional brand

Customized range: exotic furniture in Chinese, American, Southeast Asia, etc.

Exotic furniture, if you buy it in the mainstream store, the price is absolutely low. At this time, the customization of various styles of furniture can help you, as long as there are too unrealistic requirements, the custom price of most basic style furniture. Still acceptable. However, because the style features are too obvious and prominent, if there are mistakes in the structure, elements, colors or matching, it will make people feel uncomfortable, not only lose the original purpose of customization, but also may become a failure. Therefore, when making custom-made furniture, try to choose a more professional brand. You should also read more information in the early stage and be careful.

Fourth, large cloakroom:

Reject formalism by necessity

Customized range: overall wardrobe, walk-in closet, etc.

Customization of the cloakroom is no longer a new thing, but as the size of the apartment is getting bigger and bigger, the structure is getting more and more complicated, and some small brands customized in the cloakroom are starting to fail. It is not difficult to customize a large-area walk-in cloakroom. It is difficult to make a well-planned, well-designed and waste-free storage space for small spaces. “Let the cloakroom match your life dressing habits” is a concept that many consumers understand but often cannot adhere to. Pants hanging, tie boxes, jewelry grid, look really clear and beautiful, but if you have never put these things neatly placed, it is better to do a few clean little drawers more practical.

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