Innovation is the dawn of small and medium-sized cabinets

From the perspective of the current consumption capacity of the cabinet market in China, it is not difficult to find that although the first-line brands of China's cabinets occupy most of the current market share, the overall sales volume is not high. SMEs in the cabinet should firmly grasp the opportunity of "innovation", and they will be among the first-line brands.

With the increase of brands, the competition among cabinet enterprises is becoming more and more fierce. If enterprises demand survival and development, they must find a way suitable for their own development. Some large enterprises began to seek high value-added products, change their thinking, and innovate products, and further deepen their products while expanding the horizontal industrial chain.

In industrial upgrading, innovation is a path that cabinet companies can take. But what is "innovation" and how to innovate is always a problem that plagues companies. For small and medium-sized enterprises in the cabinet, innovation is the original productivity, which helps to promote the industrial upgrading and competitiveness of the cabinet enterprises. It is also helpful for the brand value to be upgraded and to be among the first-line brands.

Innovation is the key to the breakthrough of small and medium-sized enterprises in the cabinet, but how to innovate? Is it a bold innovation or an economical route? According to the strength of the enterprise, the choice and breakthrough of the path can be different, but innovation is a must. The standardization problem of small and medium-sized cabinets is an old problem, but while seeking innovation, normative development is an eternal problem. Even multinational enterprises have problems in the rationalization of systems and processes.

From imitation to innovation, China has established its own independent research and development experience and knowledge system. The development of small and medium-sized cabinets must also be from simple imitation to innovation. The kind of enterprise that regards marketing as the only life-saving straw will only fall into the pain of homogenization competition after a short period of development.

The beginning of product innovation is to understand what consumers really need, in order to grasp the market initiative. Some mid-to-high-end cabinet brands have been very popular since they entered the market. After careful study, it is not difficult to find that good product design and quality assurance are the weapon of enterprise development, and this is precisely the lack of many domestic cabinets for SMEs.

The quality standards of products, the innovation of design capabilities, the construction of brands and the control of after-sales service are all in the direction that small and medium-sized cabinets in China must be firmly adhered to. These efforts are all done in order to see the needles in the market competition and occupy more. More market share.

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