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Since Garmin (Fortune) Forerunner10 logged in Jingdong Mall, the watch has become the best-selling outdoor meter product. As an entry-level sports watch, Forerunner10 has attracted many runners with its stylish and cool appearance. The real significance of this watch is that it makes more people like to run. Exercise, and more scientific running exercises can be performed by using Forerunner10. At present, five colors of Forerunner10 are being sold in Jingdong Mall, the current price is only 799 yuan, like this watch runner to buy it quickly!

Forerunner10 is a sports watch, it is also a fashionable watch, it can help you to lose weight, exercise when running, and can be used as an ordinary watch when not running. Forerunner 10's lightest models are only 36 grams. It is very easy to wear in the hands. It supports 50 meters of water resistance, even if it is used in rainy weather.

Forerunner10 is a timepiece designed for running. Its biggest feature is its simple operation. Just press the running button after positioning. Even children or seniors who don’t know much about electronics can easily navigate this watch.

Forerunner10 can display and record data such as time, speed, mileage, calories, etc., and provides a function called “virtual pace”. A runner can set a pace according to the training target, if it is higher or lower than the pace during running. , Forerunner10 will alert the runner through a ringing tone. This way the runner can move according to the plan. It is very useful!

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