Spinning bike: the winner on the wheel, start here

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First of all, congratulations on choosing this wonderful sport, no matter where you are from, no matter what your original intention, no matter how you join the ranks, you are welcome to become a member of cycling enthusiasts, I hope this sport can Bring you happiness and make you healthy.

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In the country, bicycle sports have become more and more popular, and have become the new favorite of mass fitness. Cycling is an endurance aerobic exercise. It requires a lot of oxygen to break down fat and sugar to get the energy needed for advancement. More oxygen requires a strong respiratory system and blood circulation system. Strengthening cardiopulmonary function, so cycling is also known as cardiopulmonary exercise.

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Studies have shown that cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are the biggest killers of human health in modern society. 70% of deaths due to illness and disability are related to this. If you can adhere to cycling exercise ( please note that you insist ) , you will have one more health protection than ordinary people. .

Spinning (English Spinning), also known as indoor stationary cycling, the sport originated in the United States, is currently in the gym popular aerobic exercise program. This fixed " bicycle " has the unique advantage over outdoor bicycles: it is easier to control your own heart rate, and the resistance can be adjusted by yourself.

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The spinning bike is known as the " winner on the wheel " . Riding a bicycle can effectively enhance muscle endurance and exercise heart and lung function in happy exercise. Spinning is also a very good aerobic exercise. It maximizes sweating, enhances metabolism, and easily removes toxins from the body. The purpose of fat loss and weight loss is naturally achieved.

Experts say that when riding a bicycle, you should choose the seat, handle and speed of the spinning bike according to the different height and weight of each person. It can also be adjusted according to the proportion of the human body. When doing this exercise, be sure to fix your foot on the seesaw to ensure safety and control the breathing rhythm to avoid fatigue.

The spinning bike also has two characteristics: beautiful lighting and beautiful music. Music is transformed with different intervals of movement, such as warm-up exercise and endurance exercise is a more soothing music, to create a relaxed atmosphere, let you maintain a certain intensity of training for a long time, which will exercise your heart and lung function .

In strength training and competition, it will be a rhythmic music. Because of the increased resistance, it is similar to the uphill movement of outdoor bicycles. At this time, the dynamic concert will give you a boost and encouragement. Spinning bikes have different sports intervals, allowing the exerciser to choose different courses according to different purposes, so as to achieve different exercise effects.

Outdoor bicycles, compared to indoor fixed bicycles, can make people closer to nature, while exercising, they can fully enjoy the fun of going out and playing, and the movement is more relaxed and free.

Precautions when cycling (the following does not rule out the hazards caused by indoor bicycles):

1. Damage to the wrist and shoulder joints.

2 , damage to men's prostate compression.

3 , safety hazards, such as traffic accidents, accidental injuries and other damage.

In order to reduce the harm that sports bring to you, Xiaobian recommends that you have professional protective gear and professional clothing:

1, gloves. Use thick, soft handles and gloves when riding, which can reduce the impact damage to the wrist and shoulder joints, and at the same time prevent the skin of the hands from being roughened by the instrument.

2, the cushion uses the appropriate cushion, regular rest during riding ( such as five minutes of rest after half an hour ) , so that the compression of the perineal blood circulation can reduce the damage to the prostate.

3. Choose a fitted Jersey and cycling helmet. Give you an extra layer of protection when damage happens.

When you buy these equipment online, it is best to choose some famous big-name websites, such as Fitness 114 .

For the novices, it is best not to be eager to seek success. If you want to participate in the sport safely and interestingly, it is recommended to participate in the indoor spinning exercise organized by some professional clubs. Carrying out fitness exercises, the incidence of such dangers can be greatly reduced.

If you are a friend in Beijing, you can try the Beijing Redskins Sports Club, a professional sports club with top coaches in all sports fields. The small group cycling comprehensive course offered by the club is suitable for the daily training of cycling enthusiasts, and is suitable for sports novices to slowly contact the sport, from "getting started" to becoming a "master".

Red Man Sports Club Address: 6th Floor, Jinyuan New Yansha MALL, No. 1 Yuanda Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Safe riding, happy cycling, starting from here.

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