Research on the development practice of a new type of kitchen purification product

Analysis of the interaction between dirt and solid surface The presence of dirt on solid surfaces, although in various forms, is actually composed of inorganic and organic soils. There is a big difference between the inorganic dirt and the binding force between the organic dirt and the solid surface. Therefore, the bonding force between the dirt and the solid surface is relatively small and easy to remove; and for organic dirt such as oil and fat, one of them The aspect can be bonded to the solid surface by oily bonding, and promote the adsorption of the inorganic dirt on the solid surface, and on the other hand, can be formed on the solid surface by polymerization of the unsaturated component contained in the organic substance under the corresponding conditions. The polymer film, the combination of the polymer and the solid surface is very complicated, and the bonding force is relatively large. It is difficult to quickly destroy the bonding force by a general cleaning agent, and thus it is difficult to effectively remove it.

The basic requirements and development of kitchen cleaning agents, the basic requirements of kitchen cleaning agents From the purpose of cleaning agents and the development trend of modern family life, the requirements of kitchen cleaning agents are various, but in general, the following aspects exist. Basic requirements: (l) The cleaning agent must have excellent detergency, especially the ability to remove oil, which is the fundamental requirement for the purpose of cleaning the kitchen. (2) The cleaning agent must have excellent corrosion inhibition properties and proper corrosion resistance. Because people use cleaning agents to remove dirt on the surface of the kitchen appliance and its surroundings, it is only desirable to remove the original appearance of the appliance while removing the dirt, and it is not desirable to affect the performance and appearance of the articles due to the use of the cleaning agent. (3) The cleaning agent must have good safety and is non-toxic and does not cause harm to the user's body. These requirements are basic, and there are still some other requirements, such as the odor of the cleaning agent should be pleasant, the use of the cleaning agent is convenient, the price of the product is relatively low, cheap, and the cost of use is low.

Overview of the development of kitchen cleaners According to the previous analysis, the difficulty in removing the dirt present on the hard surface of the kitchen appliance and its surrounding environment is mainly due to the removal of unsaturated oily polymer soil. Of course, there is still unsaturated in actual use. The problem of removal of coking oil formed by high temperature carbonization of organic matter and partial polymerization. Because the removal of these dirt not only effectively removes the organic dirt on the solid surface, but also promotes the removal of most of the inorganic dirt, the development goal of the kitchen cleaning agent is mainly focused on the removal of such dirt, which actually involves The cleaning agents mainly include the following types. (l) Strong alkali type kitchen cleaning agent This kind of cleaning agent mainly removes oil stain by saponification of oil by strong alkali, so it has strong cleaning on heavy scale (such as coking oil, oily polymer film and other dirt). Removal capacity. However, due to the high concentration of sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate and other strong alkaline components in the composition, it will cause corrosion on the surface of the appliance on the one hand and larger on the surface paint layer on the other hand. Injury also causes strong degreasing on the skin surface of the user. (2) Solvent-based kitchen cleaners These cleaners mainly remove dirt by the solvent's good dissolution of grease, and it can also effectively remove various oily dirt on the surface of the appliance, but due to the solvent involved in its formulation. The flammable, explosive and toxic problems make the safety of the use less than ideal, and the production cost and the use cost of the cleaning agent are relatively high due to the solvent price. (3) Surfactant type kitchen cleaning agent This cleaning agent is convenient to use, has a mild effect, and is relatively low in cost, but the surfactant type kitchen cleaning agent is composed of a plurality of surfactants, and is mainly used in use. The dirt is removed by the action of penetration, emulsification, solubilization of the surfactant. In order to achieve the desired cleaning effect, the articles to be washed need to be soaked in the solution for a long time (usually around lh) to remove the heavy scale on the solid surface, which also causes difficulties and limitations in use.

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