Scientists have discovered a third "conversion" between neutrinos

Scientists participating in the T2K large particle detection experiment in Japan announced that they have discovered the third kind of "conversion" between neutrinos-mu neutrinos "transformed" into charged neutrinos. If this research can be further verified, it will help scientists to clarify why in the game with antimatter, matter can stand out and become the dominant of the universe. Related papers will be published in the latest issue of Physics Review Letters.

There are three types of neutrinos: charged neutrinos, τ neutrinos, and μ neutrinos, which are one of the most basic particles that make up nature, but they only participate in very weak weak interactions and rarely react with matter. Therefore, the detection of neutrinos is very difficult.

Japan ’s Super Kamioka detection experiment found for the first time "neutrino oscillation", that is, one kind of neutrino can be converted into another kind of neutrino. Scientists then observed two types of "transitions" in the experiment. Mu neutrinos can become τ neutrinos; τ neutrinos can become mu neutrinos.

Now, scientists have observed a third kind of "transition"-mu neutrinos become charged neutrinos. Scientists created mu neutrinos in the Japanese Proton Accelerator (J-PARC) and shot them at the Super Kamioka Detector at a distance of 295 kilometers. It was found that six of the mu neutrinos reached Has been transformed into a charged neutrino.

The scientists hope to repeat the experiment with a beam of mu anti-neutrino beams at the end of next year to see how their behavior differs from mu neutrinos. This difference will help scientists explain why matter dominates the universe. The standard theoretical model believes that the Big Bang created as much matter and antimatter, but somehow, matter stands out, and antimatter seems to disappear. One of the members of the T2K experiment project, David Walker of the Imperial College of Technology, said: "We want to solve the big mystery of why the matter and antimatter are asymmetric in the universe. Mutual conversion. The latest experiment proves this. "

Recently, the mini booster neutrino experiment conducted by American scientists also found evidence of anti-neutrino oscillation: μ anti-neutrinos sometimes become charged anti-neutrinos, and the T2K experiment team has previously found similar Happening. However, physicists are still puzzled by the results of the mini booster neutrino experiment. Based on the original design of the experiment, it should not see oscillation unless there are one or more other "lazier" neutrinos. T2K's experimental conclusion has nothing to do with the so-called "lazy" neutrino.

Scientists estimate that by the summer of 2013, they will find more secrets related to "neutrino oscillation" to better understand the universe.

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