The competition in the cabinet market is fierce.

The competition in the cabinet market is fierce.

There are clouds in the art of war, knowing oneself and knowing each other. Snatching the market is a war without blood, and the intensity is no less than the real battlefield. If cabinet companies have to win a place and even have greater development, they must first understand the market situation and the situation of competitors. There is a lot of intelligence, cabinet companies must do a good job of analysis and summary, and then develop corresponding countermeasures to overcome difficulties.

First, we need to consider the development of the cabinet industry. Before launching new products, we should first investigate the market situation and competitors, and thus determine the overall market capacity of the product.

The second is to analyze the structure of the market. Mainly consider the market segmentation of different dimensions of the market, such as the price, function, material, quality, etc. from the perspective of cabinets, or the age, consumption ability, occupation, gender, etc. by the perspective of cabinet consumers. The analysis of the market structure is mainly to enable cabinet companies to understand the market segments more accurately, so as to more clearly analyze the demand characteristics of different market segments, affect the coverage selection, product design elements, prices, and forms of expression of the final market segments. Promotion means, etc.

Third, it is necessary to analyze the regional characteristics of the product-related market, such as the capacity of the products in each region, the competition, the acceptance of each region, and cultural characteristics. After understanding the market characteristics of the cabinet area, it finally has an impact on the design elements of the product, channel setting, coverage area, promotion and so on.

Fourth, analyze the life cycle of different market segments of cabinets. Different life cycles will affect the pace of the entry of cabinet products into the market, promotion methods, marketing methods, product development cycle and other factors, and the strategies adopted by cabinet companies are also different.

Fifth, analyze the competition status, concentration, and competitive means of cabinet products in different market segments, such as the sales of various products in different markets, the market share of each market segment, and the competition orientation is cost leadership or differentiation. factor. Analysis of the competitive status of the market segments will ultimately affect the competitive strategies, design elements, and promotion methods of products entering the market.

The "intelligence" work of cabinet companies can be carried out from the above five directions. It is easier to get the target market by knowing which of these directions will help them.


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