Ministry of Education: Majors with less than 60% employment for two consecutive years will be closed

In 2012, the scale of college graduates nationwide reached 6.8 million, an increase of 200,000 from 2011. In order to cope with the difficulty in finding employment for college students, on November 21, the Ministry of Education issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Employment of Graduates from National Colleges and Universities in 2012" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice").

The Ministry of Education stated that for professions with an employment rate of less than 60% for two consecutive years, the enrollment plan was reduced until the enrollment was suspended.

In the "Notice", the Ministry of Education proposed for the first time that small and medium-sized enterprises should be used as the main channel for absorbing college graduates' employment and actively build a platform for SMEs to recruit college graduates.

Minister of Education Yuan Guiren said that graduates should be vigorously guided to urban and rural grassroots, midwestern regions, small and medium-sized enterprises for employment and self-employment.

The Ministry of Education also proposed to actively guide graduates to work in public cultural service posts in urban and rural communities; actively expand the field of service outsourcing and further expand the scale of service outsourcing enterprises to absorb graduates. Colleges and universities should also closely integrate the needs of national industrial development and technological progress, employ college graduates in major scientific research projects undertaken, and improve and implement policies such as agreement signing, household registration management, treatment guarantee, and assessment incentives.

To help graduates find jobs, Yuan Guiren said that by July next year, the “National University Student Employment Information Service Integration System” will be fully promoted and actively explored using new media such as mobile phone information newspapers, Weibo, etc. to establish and improve the employment supply and demand of college graduates. Information sharing mechanism.

Beijing Cross Rudder Technology Development Company has developed a "three acres" wireless employment management platform for college students, which can be used by enterprises, employment instructors and students. Enterprises can publish relevant recruitment information, and college employment guidance teachers can use this platform to directionally publish recruitment information, for example, it can be targeted to be sent to a certain student in a certain grade in a university.

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